Find in this article 3 tips to orient yourself and find the north. This can be useful when you forget your compass and find yourself lost in the wilderness.

The compass

To make a compass, take a needle from your emergency kit and rub the tip against your hair to magnetize it. Next, place the needle on a sheet that can float on the water. The point of the needle will show you the north.

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The foam

The moss of the trees Tree mosses like darkness and humidity, so they tend to grow on the northern side (for northern hemisphere and inversely for southern hemisphere) however beware they can be influenced by other parameters such as microclimates or wind origin. This tip should be taken with a grain of salt.
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The North Star

The North Star indicates the north, to identify it you must first locate the Big Dipper (which has a shape of a large saucepan), then take the measure of the two stars at the right end of the Big Dipper and transfer it 5 times in the same direction as the 2 stars mentioned above, you will find the North Star, a very bright star.

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